Social Media & Advertising

January 12, 2019

On the list of "necessary evils" that we have to face in our lives, Social Media very likely ranks in the top three. An addicting enigma of the 21st century, it is safe to say that everyone and their grandmother uses Social Media in some form or fashion and, in terms of conducting business, it is a very powerful and inevitable tool. 

I've taken all of one Marketing class in business school, and the one thing that I took from it was the power of knowing your target market. There is no better way to do that then to post about your products on a platform that millions have access too. And this isn't just true for online artists, but for influencers, large corporations, local real estate agents, even charitable organizations. Everyone uses, or at least consults a social media platform to promote their business. 

Artists, who often display their works in pictures and processes of their craft, Facebook and Instagram are the tools they use to promote their brand. Tumblr serves as more of an informational tool, much like an added blog to your personal site, and Twitter works wonderfully as an announcement tool. Since I am still learning the ways of navigating the maze that is Facebook and Instagram marketing, I cannot say that I am one to speak on how exactly it is done so that one can yield the most optimal results, however having dipped my toe into the Social Media Advertising Pool, I can offer a few tips. 

The first tip would be to never rely solely on social media to advertise your brand. It's vital that you take steps outside the realm of the internet to get your name out there. One way that I found to be extremely effective alludes to basic tradition: business cards. Design them, order them in bulk, and keep them with you at all times. You honestly never know when conversation will strike and you'll need to promote your business. The majority of commission requests and purchases I receive are from my Instagram DMs, where I conduct the most of my advertising, however when I send out a commission or a purchase, I send 3 other things: a thank you card, a receipt, and a business card. You can also take your business cards to networking events, or ask local businesses if you can leave them on the check out counters. Go to your university, dormitory, apartment, or coffeeshop bulletin board and pop one on there. Make sure your card is attractive and pertains to your product and your brand and, once again, always have some with you!

The second tip would be to utilize social media ads. You've seen them pop up on your feed time and again, and I've had plenty of angry comments displaying the same irritation that you might feel when you see them. However those ads are used to promote large corporations and small, budding businesses, and they are as effective as you want them to be. It does cost money on both Facebook and Instagram to run ads, depending on both how many people you want to attract to your page and for how long you want to run it, however, it is an excellent first step to drawing eyes at your product. Similarly, Google Adwords also works wonders in taking your own personal website and putting up an ad for it in the Google Universe. If you really want to get people to come to your site, that is best way to go. 

The third tip would be to create a Facebook page to connect to your Instagram account. Facebook pulled most of the weight in acquiring Instagram for $1 Billion, and you can ride on that train! Make a Facebook page for your art and post on there regularly. From projects, updates, promotions, whatever you want! You can even run a blog through there to attract more traffic. Once you have it up and running, link it to an Instagram account with the same name as your Facebook page, that way whatever you post on your Instagram gets shared instantly on your Facebook page. This is a great way to keep the volume of posts on your page as active as possible even if you aren't posting on there yourself as many times as you want to. It is a great tool to not only attract traffic to your pages, but also to bring the followers from your Facebook and Instagram accounts together. By collecting that data, it makes it easier for you to figure out what your target market is and advertise accordingly.

Like I said, I am no expert on this, these are just things I discovered while trying out social media marketing myself. It's a budding system and there are many, many paths to explore, so if you guys want me to speak on this in the future, let me know! I will be sure to keep all of you posted with whatever new tactics I discover.

xo - MP