Happy New Year!

January 3, 2019

2018 is almost over and done, can you believe it? It seems that it went by rather quickly, and felt rather short in respect to years prior... But honestly, this must've been the longest year of my life!

I remember talking with my boyfriend about how weird it was that, at the beginning of this year, I not only had no idea he existed, but I was also with someone else. I sat back and thought about everything that has happened, about how both of my dogs went through their respective injuries and surgeries, how my sister moved out of our apartment to start her life in another city, how I traveled to the Bahamas, celebrated turning 24, finished my first year of Graduate School, finding new ways to work on my craft and create art on new types of platforms, using acrylic paints for the first time, helping my parents move into a new house, starting therapy again after many years... This year has been extremely long. 

And, just like that, in the blink of an eye we are going to be in 2019.

I usually don't tend to make a big deal out of the New Year. If I'm being honest, I have led a rather normal life, with nothing distinctive to define the years that come and go. Sure, I have my vacations and my academic and professional achievements to mark them, but in general, the years have come and gone, some quickly and some not soon enough.

However, this year was a year of growing for me. It was a year of taking stock and accountability, realizing that I am not right in everything and sometimes saying "I'm sorry" or being big enough to accept an apology and let grudges go can result in a rather happy day. It was a year of me realizing my true potential academically, professionally, and artistically. It was the year I decided to take mpatelart and make something of it instead of exhausting it away as a "little hobby I do to destress". A lot has happened and changed, and that's why this particular New Year is more significant for me. 

I don't subscribe to the "new year, new me" mentality. I hardly even see myself changing, but from time to time I notice it. I guess it's a part of growing up. But to those of you that do take on these amazing resolutions, I want to extend the best of luck to you! I know it's not easy, I know many of you are determined to see them through, and I know some of you don't see yourselves following through with them for long, but trying is half the battle. The mentality for a positive change is always a prelude to the execution. 

So, to you and yours, to those you love and partially tolerate, to those who plan for a grand change, to those that just want 2018 to be over, and to everyone and their pets: happy freaking New Year! <3

-xo m.p.